Online Parkinson’s Disease
Rehabilitation Program
Your destination to a healthy and free
life in 30 minutes a day

About the course

The course consists of practical lessons from leading specialists of the clinic of modern neurology and neurorehabilitation by Chingiz Shashkin:
  • Speech training
  • Practices of imagination
  • Fine motor development
  • General and tai chi workouts
  • Logic training
  • Relaxing meditation
If necessary, you can take the course with an assistant

Parkinson’s Disease is not a sentence

With our program you will make sure steps towards your free and active life

This course is developed on the basis of the best methods that have proven their effectiveness for 2,000+ patients

It is recommended when:

Parkinson’s disease, including atypical forms

Cerebellar ataxia
Any movement disorders
The course will help you:

restore lost functions
stop the progression of the disease
reduce tremor
reduce muscle stiffness
improve blood circulation
handle stress
improve quality of life
Convenient format

Rehabilitation course is a program for regular training in any convenient place and at any convenient time. Only you set the rhythm and intensity of the activity.

Our main recommendation is to do it regularly! Then you will see the result.

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The course is always at hand - on your mobile phone. You can take exercises with you for a walk, in the park or in the country, and exercise outdoors
Daily Short Training
The course gives you the rhythm of regular classes - 5 training days and 2 days of rest. Exercises do not require special equipment
Qualified doctors
Our course is written by the leading doctors of the clinic, specialists of the highest category. They work with patients every day and have collected the best practices for you

2,000+ patients treated
During the five years of the clinic’s operation, more than 2,000 patients have completed our rehabilitation program
The director of the clinic Chingiz Shashkin talks about the benefits of the online course
Recommendations for the course
Don’t overdo it
Drink plenty of water
Do exercises regularly
Please contact our clinic for any questions
How to follow the Сourse
The rehabilitation programme lasts 8 weeks

Every week there will be: 5 days of training, 2 days off

This total is 40 training days, including:
Exercises for speech and counting in mind
Attention and imagination exercises

Writing and fine motor exercises
Physical workouts
Relaxing meditation
The course also includes:
  • Printing materials
  • Helper advice
  • Motivational tasks
After every 5 days you will have 2 days off. You can come back and repeat them every day.

Course languages: Russian and kazakh

Course authors
Practicing doctors of the highest category, leading specialists of the Chingiz Shashkin Clinic (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  • Shashkin Chingiz Sakayevich
    M.N., parkinsonologist, functional neurosurgeon, director of the clinic
  • Myrzaev Zhanibek Temirjanovich
    neuropathologist, parkinsonologist
  • Bosak Anastasia Igorevna
    speech therapist-defectologist, aphasiologist
  • Mukhamadieva Maria Viktorovna
    psychotherapist, clinical psychologist
  • Aliya Muratbaykyzy
    rehabilitator, neuropathologist, Lvk trainer
  • Antokhin Igor Vladimirovich
    tai-chi coach
We invite you to our online rehabilitation program that will change your life, will make it fulfilling and free
How to join the course
Tariff "Basic"

20,000 tenge
Tariff "Group"
50,000 tenge
Tariff "Individual"
180,000 tenge

from our patients who are taking Rehabilitation course right now
  • 1
    What happens if I miss training day?
    It’s no big deal. You can always go back to the course menu and choose the day you need to continue your studies.
  • 2
    What if I don’t have a phone?
    Our course is placed in Telegram. You can install the messenger version on your tablet or computer and take the course there.
  • 3
    I didn’t have online training experience. Can I handle it?
    Of course! Our course is arranged as easily as possible and has already been tested on real patients of the clinic.
  • 4
    If I don’t figure out how to do the assignments?
    All tasks contain very detailed video instructions. Also, you can always write to us and we will help you.
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